Other Features

Additional Features

WiseMaster Eco brings many other useful features to the waste company in addition to improved customer service.

WiseMaster Eco Beneficial Features

WiseMaster Eco is a modular solution with, in addition to the core functions, other useful additional features.

In addition to the core functions of the WiseMaster Eco system, a number of useful additional features are available, which can be used to achieve significant benefits in the field of waste management. The system offers much needed assistance for maintenance of waste centers, handling of material and management of observations and feedback. In addition, WiseMaster Eco can be connected to the scale of the waste station, so that the quantities of weight-based waste can be entered into the system just as effortlessly.

Maintenance tools

The WiseMaster product family includes a comprehensive maintenance system that can also be used in the maintenance of waste stations. With the help of the system, maintenance plans can be drawn up for waste stations, transport equipment and eco points. In addition, easy and fast processing of work orders is available for repairing defects. The system can receive alerts from the automation of equipment and properties, so that the error messages given by IoT devices can be directly converted into work orders.

Mobile diaries can be used to record observations of waste stations and maintenance sites with pictures and location information. The maintenance section also includes document management, which can be used to manage electronic minutes and inspection forms from e.g. environmental inspections. The inventory status of spare parts and supplies used in maintenance is known at all times, and their progress can be monitored using the system.

Material handling

With WiseMaster Eco, you can keep track of material flows in waste stations if needed. The system includes management of material types and price lists. With the help of storage locations, it is always known the amount of material in different locations by type. When the material is sold out, sales transactions can be recorded using WiseMaster Eco. Information about sales can be compiled directly electronically into invoicing information and sent to financial administration. WiseMaster can also be integrated with other material management systems using interfaces.

Management of observations and feedback

In the daily work of the waste station, many observations are made, which are usually not recorded anywhere. WiseMaster Eco makes it possible for the employee of the waste station to record the observation directly on the mobile phone as soon as the observation is made. In particular, the recording and management of safety reports immediately after an observation contributes to the safety culture of the stations.

WiseMaster Eco also serves as a centralized place for recording customer feedback. Feedback can be collected from different channels in one centralized data warehouse. Feedback can be sent to customer service agents at the station, in which case they can immediately log the feedback into the system using their mobile phone or office computer. The waste company’s website may have a feedback form that customers can use to send feedback. Feedback queries for e.g. automatic containers are also stored in the same place. The feedback can be analyzed in a variety of ways, and the system can also be used to monitor the implementation of measures decided on the basis of feedback and safety notifications. This way, it can be ensured that the corrective measures will actually be carried out.

Integration into the scale system

WiseMaster Eco offers its user versatile components, which can be used to request the scale to inform the WiseMaster Eco system of the weight of the vehicle on the scale through both the mobile cash register and the office service point cash register. In addition, the integration can use a camera that reads the license plate number to identify the vehicle. With the help of the tools, the waste brought by the customer can be priced based on weight directly in the cash register software, in which case its payment information is saved in connection with the customer transaction, and the customer service person does not need multiple systems. With scale integration, dealing with the scale is faster and the number of errors is reduced.

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