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WiseMaster Eco is an easy-to-use and efficient system that allows you to digitize waste management customer service. With the waste management solutions we offer, together we make waste management faster and easier.

Mobile checkout for waste stations

WiseMaster Eco Mobile Checkout is a waste management solution that enables personnel to get out of the office and serve customers on the field. The service speeds up and the customer experience is improved.

Self service solution

Self service solution enables the customer to handle waste reporting, delivery and payment independently and separate customer servant is no logner needed. This solution also enables more extensive opening hours.

Material Management

Material handling solution

We developed the weighing system to meet the requirements of a modern waste station and waste management. Through our material management solution, you get comprehensive solutions for the weighing needs of waste management, inventory management and reporting.

Pre-registering Online

With the online transactions, the customer can declare and pay for the waste they are bringing in advance, making the waste delivery to the station effortless and fast.

Automated Containers

With the Automated Container, the customer can deliver free waste completely independently at any time. The reception point can also be located outside the waste station.

Additional Features

WiseMaster Eco also includes many additional features that you can benefit from. Maintenance tools, material handling and integration into the scale system are examples that facilitate smooth operation of waste management.

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”The personnel at M-Technology, the system provider, are truly adept at listening to what the customer needs. Based on this feedback, they can describe how the system should be implemented and then proceed to implement it!”

Jukka Saukko

Production Manager, Vestia Oy


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