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Automated Container

With the help of automatic containers, free waste reception at waste stations can be done entirely as self-service.

WiseMaster Eco Automated Containers

Self-service at waste stations is rapidly becoming more common, and WiseMaster Eco offers the most advanced solutions for self-service at small and large waste stations. The latest solution is an automated container, which allows customers to bring waste free of charge. The automatic container can also be located outside the station.

With the help of the WiseMaster Eco automated solution, you make the operation of your waste service more efficient and clearer. With the help of an automated container, you enable, for example, longer customer service hours and more efficient transactions at your office. Access control related to the automated container can be used to control the booms of the waste station or the locking of the automated container as well as the recording camera system.

Not all automated containers have to be located at the waste center, but the container can also be used at other collection points. The automated container is designed to operate completely without staff, so it can be available even 24 hours a day if desired.

The customer can manage the import of hazardous waste and other free waste completely independently

In the automated container solution, the customer reports the waste they have imported via a lightweight, mobile-optimized website before importing. At the end of the reporting, the customer receives an opening link via text message, which can be used to open the container. The automated container can operate completely without staff, so it can be available at all times of the day. The customer can decide himself when he handles the waste delivery. The customer can open the boom of the waste station himself with his smartphone. If the waste is delivered to a container, we also open it with a smartphone. Opening the container automatically turns on the container lights and camera surveillance. The customer visit is saved in the system with exact time stamps. The visit is recorded by surveillance cameras and the recordings are later available for possible investigative actions.

Ending the return is easy and hassle-free. When the customer is done, he closes the container door. The door will automatically lock, the lights will turn off and the cameras will stop recording. After the visit, a feedback form opens on the customer’s phone, which he can use to give feedback right from the start. The feedback is used to develop the service.

Versatile monitoring guarantees safety

Safety is important in all waste matters. The automated container solution includes a monitoring feature that can be connected to the waste center’s camera systems, information phones, information displays, leak alarm teams, etc. The monitoring view provides a quick snapshot of the status of all containers easily.

The control room of the waste center that monitors the use of the automated containers shows exactly the number of visits, the current status of each automated container (open/closed) and many other useful information. The control room can also receive an alarm if the container door is open for too long and there is reason to suspect that the customer has not closed the door. Other circumstances leading to an alarm can also be programmed into the system. The control room view is browser-based, so the control room can be managed elsewhere than at the waste company’s office.

WiseMaster Eco | Automated Container:

  • Advance notification of waste import using a web form
  • Control information via text message to the customer’s phone
  • Opening the gate and container with the customer’s mobile phone
  • With the control view, a real-time view of the status of the containers
  • Information in a centralized database for reporting
  • As a reception point, a container, cabinet or just a reception station
  • Access control is controlled by an electric lock solution
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