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WiseMaster Eco Mobile Checkout brings a modern way to service your customers even better in your waste station. When the waste station’s customer service representative is no longer tied to the office, all necessary customer service can be handled in the field with the customer.

WiseMaster Eco and Mobile Checkout

With WiseMaster Eco Mobile Checkout, you develop a customer-friendly environment in your waste station, where operations are effortless and the customer is always first.

With the help of the WiseMaster Eco Mobile Checkout, the customer service personnel are no longer tied to the office, but the entire customer service can be handled in the field with the customer and the car. The customer service worker only needs a smartphone or tablet and a payment terminal as tools. The WiseMaster Eco Mobile Checkout application is available on wide variety of mobile devices. With the help of the application, up-to-date customer registers, information on different types of waste  and valid price lists are all available. These can be transferred via an automatic interface from the waste company’s customer information system.

Speed to customer service

WiseMaster Eco Mobile Checkout speeds up customer service in many ways. When the customer drives to the station, the customer service agent visually goes through the load brought by the customer, finds out the types of waste and prices them. Payment for the waste load is easily handled after this. If the customer pays for the waste he/she has brought with a card, the payment is handled by a payment terminal that is easily carried with the customer service agent. As proof of payment, the customer receives a receipt, which details the waste types, prices and VAT. The customer’s transaction and payment terminal traffic are automatically matched and the data is transferred to the financial management system.

Handled in this way, customer service is more efficient. The whole process only takes a couple of minutes, which means that one customer service person can handle more customers.

Better customer experience

Waste stations are often congested, especially in spring, and the bottleneck is usually the weighing station and the scale. One of the biggest benefits of the mobile checkout is that the horizontal traffic at the waste station is significantly reduced as small haulers can be guided to the station along their own lane. WiseMaster manages the unit conversions, in which case checkout items can be e.g. in pieces or sacks. Unit conversion tools convert this data into the format required by material management.

WiseMaster Eco Mobile Checkout brings the customer a better customer experience, because they no longer have to do business separately in the office and they do not have to drive through the scale. The customer does not have to cope alone at the waste station, but the customer can more easily get help sorting the waste from the customer-service personnel on the ground and can handle the payment at the same time. The customer service personnel are no longer tied to the office, but can move around in the field and help customers find the right unloading locations for different sections.

Mobile checkout also offers versatile help when invoicing customers as well

With the help of WiseMaster Eco Mobile Checkout, the customer-service agent has a customer register on his smartphone, so he can record the load brought by the customer on the invoice. In this case, it is also possible for the customer service person to take a picture of e.g. the customer’s registration number to verify the load delivered. The customer receives the referral on paper, and the invoice material itself is electronically transferred to the invoicing software.

Service point checkout to the office

In addition to the Mobil Checkout, the WiseMaster Eco solution offers an efficient solution for stations that want to offer traditional customer service inside the office in addition to (or instead of) the Mobile Checkout. The service-point cash register software is implemented with a quick-to-use touch user interface. A payment terminal is connected to the service-point cash register, which automatically collects and reconciles payments. Several different reports are also available in the service-point cash register, as well as the possibility to check the data.

WiseMaster Eco mobile checkout:

  • Registration of the waste delivery with a mobile device
  • Payment transactions with a mobile device and payment terminal
  • Print a receipt with a mobile device or at a service point
  • Collection of customer information
  • Reference information for invoicing or receipt
  • Attaching a photo to a delivery event
  • Integration with financial management and payment systems
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