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Pre-registering online

WiseMaster Eco system offers an online solution that enables the customer to declare and pay for the waste they are bringing in advance. This makes the trip to the station effortless and quick.

WiseMaster Eco ja online transactions

Online transactions opens up new opportunities to develop the operation of your waste station into a more versatile customer service entity.

WiseMaster Eco’s online business offers the opportunity to serve the customer in a more versatile way. Instead of just doing business at the waste station, the customer can manage the business in advance, including payment, through the waste company’s website.
It is possible to build WiseMaster Eco online business into an entity that meets the needs of the customer company. You can choose a limited entity for your waste station with individual online features or a comprehensive overall solution, where the customer has a comprehensive online transaction solution at his disposal. In this case, doing business at the waste station is faster and easier, because the customer can add all the waste he is bringing to the shopping cart in advance and pay for it. The customer is identified at the waste station either at a self-service kiosk or by the staff using a mobile checkout.

Online transactions as part of the waste company’s operations

Online shopping expands the operation of waste stations even further in many ways. In the most extensive solution, the waste types and price lists of the waste company are exported to a built-in online solution, from which the customer can choose the waste types and amounts he wants for his shopping cart. In order to make the customer’s transaction in the online store effortless, the online service has an activated intelligent calculation to facilitate retail selection. With it, ready-made entities can be automatically converted into pricing units. For example, the quantity selection of garbage bags or furniture can have its own selection, such as a 3-seater sofa. The online service’s intelligent calculation automatically converts the declared waste into e.g. cubic meters.
When the customer has selected all the waste they are bringing from the online service menu, he goes to the checkout to pay for his purchases. Payments go safely through Paytrail and are automatically allocated to the right customer transactions without the waste company’s staff having to do manual allocation. If the customer has created his own customer account on the online shopping site, invoicing is also possible.
Finally, after payment, the customer receives a receipt that he can print. In addition, the system automatically sends a receipt to the customer’s email and a text message with a link to the receipt. This way, the customer does not lose the receipt he received from the waste station. The receipt is an essential document, in electronic and paper form, because the QR code on the receipt is used to identify the customer at the station. It is possible to include other information in WiseMaster Eco online shopping receipts. The receipt can include e.g. a map of the waste station and instructions for exporting the selected fractions, as well as other instructions.

With advance notice, the transaction can be completed without payment

In WiseMaster Eco’s online store, advance notification is also possible, so that the online transaction of the waste station can be used without advance payment if the customer so wishes. If the customer chooses this feature, he manages the advance notification online about what waste he is bringing to the waste station. Advance notification works in the same way as the online shopping basket, but instead of paying at the end, the notification is saved in the system. From the notification, the customer receives a receipt with a QR code. When the customer arrives at the waste station, he identifies himself with the code he received at the station and completes the payment either at a self-service kiosk or with a customer service agent via mobile.

In both cases, the QR code allows the system to directly select the waste indicated by the customer. If the customer makes a payment to the customer service agent’s mobile checkout or to the office, the expert can check the customer’s load at the same time, if necessary. Alternatively, the customer can identify himself at a self-service kiosk, if one is available.

Strong identification increases reliability

In the WiseMaster Eco online transaction solution, the customer can always place an order in the online store and pay for it without identification. The online store offers a solution based on strong identification for business customers and regular customers. When choosing it, the customer handles identification to the online transaction service with their own bank credentials.

The online service’s customer account increases the customer’s business opportunities. Through the transaction account, the customer has access to versatile information about his transactions. If you want, you can easily view the company’s events through it, because the exact information about each load is saved. Contract customers registered for WiseMaster Eco online transactions can also view their invoicing in the customer portal and manage their own contracts. With the help of the customer portal, you can also create your own customer cards for the company’s employees, which they can use to identify themselves at the waste station for invoicing. Thanks to strong identification, transactions in the waste station’s online store are secure.

WiseMaster Eco online transactions:

  • Declaring bringing in waste with smartphone, tablet or computer
  • Easy and graphic user interface
  • Support for different units (kg, tn, m³, pcs etc.) and automatic unit conversions, e.g. sofa –> m³
  • Saving customer data to the desired extent, also strong identification
  • Online payments using the Paytrail service
  • Receipt from the event in PDF format, also to the customer’s e-mail and text message
  • Identification with the QR code of the receipt, possibility of self-service
  • For identified customers, the Customer portal with transaction history and contract information
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