Self-Service Solution

Self-Service Solution

With the help of WiseMaster Eco’s self-service solution, the customer can handle the waste reporting, delivery and payment completely independently and customer service personnel is not needed.

WiseMaster Eco and self-service solution

With Self-Service solution you can build a separate lane for your customers with ease.

With the help of the WiseMaster Eco self-service solution, you can build a service that improves operations at the waste station, where customers can manage their entire transaction independently from start to finish. This especially helps small customers who want to handle waste export quickly and without unnecessary intermediaries.

The self-service solution is a functional solution for both smaller and larger waste stations

The self-service solution we offer is suitable for both smaller and larger waste stations. Of the versatile features of the self-service solution, only the most essential ones can be activated or the entire entity can be activated. The self-service terminal can, for example, be connected to access control. In the easiest way, the process becomes so effortless that the customer identifies himself or makes the payment with a self-service terminal, after which the boom of the waste station opens and the customer can enter the waste station to make his delivery independently.

With the help of a self-service solution, you ensure a smooth transaction from start to finish

With the WiseMaster Eco self-service solution, you take into account the customers at your waste station in a more versatile way. When you use a self-service terminal at your waste station, you enable a new service lane for every small customer. Congestion at the weighing points are reduced when every customer does not have to pass through them to the waste station. In this way, the load on the scale is reduced and the operation of the entire station becomes smoother.

The advanced self-service solution of the WiseMaster Eco system offers customers who need service the opportunity to do their business easily at the entrance. When the customer arrives at the station, he selects the types and quantities of waste he brings from the self-service terminal’s menu. An intelligent quantity calculation can be added to the menu, allowing the customer to choose e.g. a 3-seater sofa or an armchair from the menu of the self-service terminal, after which the system automatically changes the selection into e.g. cubic meters for pricing.

After choosing the types of waste, the customer pays for the load with the payment terminal of the self-service terminal with a bank or credit card. The receipt can be printed on paper, sent to the customer’s e-mail, or the customer can receive both if they wish.

WiseMaster Eco self-service solution also opens up the possibility for invoicing, because the self-service terminal is smoothly connected to other waste management information systems and customer identification can be done, for example, with their own customer card or with a QR code on mobile device. After transacting on the self-service terminal, when the payment has been made or the invoice approved, the boom opens and the customer can hand over the waste.

The self-service solution also opens the possibility for online shopping. It is possible to easily connect the waste station online store to the self-service terminal. In this way, a customer who has done business in the online store in advance can identify himself at the self-service terminal with the QR code of the receipt he received from the online store and drive directly to the waste station.

WiseMaster Eco offers a lighter self-service solution for small waste stations

WiseMaster Eco self-service package also offers the possibility of a lighter solution that is suitable for smaller waste stations. Such waste stations usually only serve at certain times of the week or month. With the help of a self-service terminal, the operation of such stations can be made even more efficient.

In the lighter solution, the customer of the waste station shops beforehand in the waste company’s online store. In the online store, he quickly states the types and quantities of the waste to be delivered and pays for his load. When arriving at the waste station, the customer scans the QR code on the receipt from paper or their smartphone and can deliver the waste. Each identification leaves a mark and a timestamp of when the customer has identified. In addition, the license plate of the vehicle that has driven in can be read with a camera and the registration number can be recognized, so that the visitor at the station can be authenticated afterwards.

WiseMaster Eco Self-Service solution:

  • Easy and clear user interface
  • Registration of the entire reception event as self-service
  • Making a payment with a self-service terminal
  • For invoicing customers, the option to pay by invoice
  • Receipt on paper or by e-mail
  • Giving sorting instructions
  • Equipment suitable to challenging conditions
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