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With our solution, you can digitize waste management customer service and many other functions. Let’s make waste management faster and easier together. Used in production since 2015.

WiseMaster Eco is the most advanced solution on the market for waste management customer service

Let’s make waste management faster and easier together. You’ll gain the greatest benefits from streamlining customer service and improving customer experience. With digitalization, recycling becomes easier and simpler. WiseMaster Eco – one solution offering many opportunities.

In waste management, many areas still rely on traditional methods and information systems. WiseMaster Eco is a next-generation system that eliminates many bottlenecks and time-wasters in waste management. The solution has been in industrial use since 2015 and is continuously developed in collaboration with customers.

The solution enables the development of various waste management functions with a customer-centric approach. Many waste management operators trust us and utilize our developed solution in waste management customer service, self-service, pallet logistics, and maintenance

Our solutions that make waste management faster and easier:

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”The personnel at M-Technology, the system provider, are truly adept at listening to what the customer needs. Based on this feedback, they can describe how the system should be implemented and then proceed to implement it!”

Jukka Saukko

Production Manager, Vestia Oy


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