Material Management

Material Management

WiseMaster Eco Material Management is a completely new kind of solution for scale stations in waste management. Eco is designed especially for the needs of waste companies and taking into account their special characteristics.

Material Management

WiseMaster Eco Material Management

Ratkaisumme iskee suoraan jäteasemien materiaalinhallintaongelmiin. Materiaalinhallintajärjestelmämme on paljon muuta kuin vain pelkkä vaaka- tai punnitusohjelma.

The WiseMaster Eco Material Management system has been developed to meet the requirements of a modern waste center and waste management. The system offers comprehensive solutions for the horizontal needs of waste management, inventory management and reporting.

As a material management software, WiseMaster Eco offers

  • Weighing software with an easy-to-use graphical user interface that makes the operation smooth and effortless.
  • Material management solution that enables maintaining a real-time material balance and also manages the special requirements of waste management, such as changes to material forms and quantities caused by sorting and material storage.
  • Cashier solution that facilitates the processing of payment transactions through the use of scales and seamlessly integrates with financial management.
  • Transfer document solution that offers tools for both the waste sender, the driver and the recipient. The solution produces the required electronic reports for the national transfer document register.
  • Comprehensive reporting, such as material reports that provide warehouse management with accurate information about material flows, as well as a tax reporting feature that makes waste tax reporting easier and more efficient.

WiseMaster Eco is a modern material management system developed for the needs of waste companies

Introducing the WiseMaster Eco system is a significant advantage for the waste company. It makes everyday activities easier and more efficient on many levels. No more multiple separate legacy programs in multiple user interfaces.

By changing your scale software to the WiseMaster Eco system package, the number of information systems is reduced everywhere in the waste company. This means simpler maintenance, fewer technical problems and smoother operation.

We understand how busy the waste center can be during rush hour, which increases the number of errors and slows down the flow of information. This is taken into account in the WiseMaster Eco system. The material management system has been made together with the concrete users of the system, i.e. listening to the observations of scale operators. This way, concrete weighing is easy and smooth. The work of the horizontal operator is faster, and the number of keying errors is minimized by functions and presets that guide the user. The easy-to-use graphical user interface can also be quickly adopted and thus the user training of new scale operators has been enhanced.

Extensive reporting options open the door to smoother communication

The enhancement of material management with the help of the WiseMaster Eco system solution enables more accurate and efficient monitoring of material flows in storage. In this way, material flows can be monitored precisely, because the system controls the material changes that occur during sorting. This helps the waste management company to operate more efficiently and more environmentally friendly.

The system supports two-way material management:

  • enables management of waste sorting and
  • offers a real-time view of the waste center’s material balance.

Versatile reports provide valuable information about the operation of the waste center. For example, material reports and financial reports are valuable in terms of evaluating and developing operations.

Tax reporting is faster and easier with WiseMaster Eco than with any other system on the market. This reduces manual work, minimizes the risk of errors and makes financial management more efficient. The quality and speed of invoicing and reporting will improve.

No more fumbling for receipts, but clearer financial management with the help of a cash register solution

Since the WiseMaster Eco material management software has a new, intuitive and easy-to-use graphical user interface, the work of financial administration is also organized. The system includes a full cash solution that facilitates the processing of payment transactions and seamlessly integrates with financial management. The checkout solution has support for card payments and invoicing, so it can be used to manage a wide variety of payment methods.

Independent operation has not been forgotten in the WiseMaster Eco material management system

In addition to smoother use, financial management and reporting, the WiseMaster Eco material management system offers a comprehensive list of various additional features, such as

  • Integrated electronic transfer documents that facilitate document management and save time.
  • Self-weighing using RFID cards, which makes weighing smooth and independent.
  • Registration camera recognition, which speeds up and facilitates the actual weighing operation
  • Mobile remote weighing, which enables the scale operator to record weighings in any area of the waste center.

Many waste companies use old or one-sided information systems, the development of which may no longer be active or making extensions is more complicated. These problems can be forgotten when using WiseMaster Eco. WiseMaster Eco reduces operational disturbances, improves efficiency and saves costs.

The material management system is part of the larger WiseMaster Eco overall solution, which supports the needs of circular economy operators. This makes the system an excellent choice for waste companies that want to be pioneers in their field.

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